1. After dinner we decided to go to a bar, he then invited his roommate
  2. We were "Netflix and Chill"ing and mid make out he stops and says "I just want to cuddle you." Then fell asleep on me
  3. I had been at his house for several hours and he never offered water, so when he went into the kitchen to get some for himself I asked if I could get some as well. He then brought a water bottle for us to share. It didn't taste like water
  4. We started at lunch and somehow ended up watching him try on jean shorts
  5. I told him I didn't want a relationship at the beginning of the date and at the end he asked "So... Are you my girlfriend...?"
  6. Went to a secluded beach where he talked about his nipple piercings. Afterwards went back to his place where he spent the entire time talking to his roommate