Noteworthy Christmas gifts I've gotten from the fam this year

  1. Coordinating "his and hers" sleep shirts
    It's just the shirts not any pants at all. One has little foxes and the other has little skulls (that look like monkeys). Unfortunately the bf got the foxes one
  2. Monogrammed paper napkins
    Slightly suspicious as my grandma happens to the same first letter as I
  3. "Olive You" hand towel
    The clashing background colors make it
  4. Microfiber dishtowels
    Apparently the theme was towels this year
  5. Eye glass cleaner
    Called "peeps"
  6. Portable salad dressing container
    For all my portable lunch salads
  7. Scratch and sniff bookmarks
    Despite their appearance, I think they both smell like cherry. Cannot confirm nor deny
  8. Knit hood