1. Deborah
    Lets you call her Debbie only after you agree to look at her pictures of her grandkids. Then always wants to show you pictures of her grandkids. But always makes amazing peanut brittle
  2. Allen
    Typically breathes loud and wears headphones. Slightly greasy hair
  3. Patrick
    Slightly overweight and his belly always shows through the hole in his button ups
  4. Trish
    "The cool mom" of three teenage boys. Drinks white wine spritzers and has the newest Dodge Caravan
  5. Carole
    Comes to you 15 minutes before 5pm with a task that will take at least two hours
  6. Peggy
    Wears sweaters that are too big and has a zillion pictures of her cat birthday parties. Always cuts the biggest corner piece of cake for herself
  7. Dave
    A whiz at IT. Slight body order. Talks loudly about the microbrews he drank over the weekend
  8. Raj
    Everyone is afraid to ask him anything for fear of being mistaken as racist
  9. Angie
    Short, dark hair, wears oversized glasses, and hand knitted sweaters. Also constantly runs marathons
  10. Latisha
    Gorgeous, smart, obviously overqualified, super helpful, no one understands why she's still around
  11. Ryan
    Father of 4, carpenter. Runs a surprisingly successful Etsy shop of hand carved NFL figurines
  12. Beth
    Mother of 4. Runs a less successful Etsy shop of "vintage inspired" kitten crafts. Claims it's more successful than it actually is and she's "only at this job to pay for the supplies". Secretly very jealous of Ryan's Esty
  13. Darious
    Single father of 2. Used to be overweight, but eats super clean now and bikes to work. Bakes on the weekends for his girls and brings the leftovers in so he won't tempt himself
  14. Joyce
    A little bumbling but very sweet, everyone looks up to her as a second mother. Brings her aging golden retriever in and secretly everyone loves it