Photos where I look the way I picture myself

Inspired by @nantea and @Boogie
  1. My friends and I won at drag queen bingo! I feel I have a fairly natural smile and don't look too goobery or bug eyed
  2. My boyfriend and I stayed at an Airbnb that had an outhouse which was hilarious during the day and terrifying at night. I feel like this captures my overzealous nature
  3. I love my cat and she loves me as much as she can. Which is probably not much
  4. Again overzealous. My sister and I as we were about to drive 2,000 from the bay area to Minneapolis
  5. I'm just happy to be invited and will pay you back by ruining your beautiful event
  6. My bff and I on my birthday a few years ago. I generally don't have the best luck with birthdays and this was one of the best. The champagne may have helped my joy
  7. I'm just a gal who enjoys exploring the world around me all the while not trying to take up too much space
  8. I worked with kids for a few years and man was it fun. Exhausting but fun. A kid scratched my eye right before photo day so I took my opportunity
  9. Keepin' it weird