1. Why are water fountains always right next to bathrooms in airports?
  2. Is cat hair compostable?
  3. How many chocolate bunnies is too many?
  4. Why isn't Hooter's called a breastaurant?
  5. How many trees are needed to be considered a forest?
  6. How close to Halloween does it have to be so I can buy tons of candy free of judgement?
  7. How do you tell your parents you want to get in to cup stacking?
  8. Why isn't there a Tinder for dogs?
  9. If I wake up to a bat in my room, am I considered batwomen?
  10. Do bros go brocery shopping?
  11. How does one store a giant pair of scissors?
  12. Why isn't there a "Where are they now" episode for Darrin from "Darrin's Dance Grooves"?
  13. Why isn't there daily all pet snap story on Snapchat?
  14. Can you put your spider kills on your resume?
  15. How do you find just poppy seeds?
  16. Does Tom from MySpace still have his MySpace?
  17. How come Crest toothpaste doesn't ask if we have any Crestions?
  18. Does Shaq buy a pair of big and tall pants when he wants a pair of shorts?
  19. How many calories does awkward dancing burn?