In no particular order, up until Michael Scott left. (It just wasn't the same after)
  1. When Andy asked out Angela by giving her a cat he found at Vance Refrigeration, that was the cat Dwight tried to give her after he killed Sprinkles, right?
    That's Garbage, yeah? Does he still eat garbage?
  2. How did Jim break up with Karen after the job interview in New York?
    Did he call her when she was at lunch with friends? Or go in person?
  3. How did everyone who relocated find housing so quickly?
    Except Karen, which was mentioned
  4. Did Jim move back in with his roommate after he came back from Stamford?
    He had a legit place. Although it was weird to think that he had a roommate for some reason
  5. Jan got pregnant by a sperm donor when she was with Michael, did she use his money?
    And remember that episode when Ryan makes everyone get BlackBerrys and Michael makes a comment about if they ever decide to have kids and she makes a weird face, was she already planning it? Did she already do it?!
  6. What is the "jet ski money" Roy refers to in the episode Pam tells him about kissing Jim and he smashes everything at the bar
    Did he sell some? Ruin some? Buy some? Take it out to dinner and it never called him back? THIS IS MY BIGGEST QUESTION - WHAT DOES IT MEAN
  7. Roy and his brother saved enough money to get jet skis and I Roy had to spend it paying for the damage to the bar after he has his tantrum.
    Suggested by @Boogie