Shows that would be on my first Netflix Playlist

Thanks @rachelanne!
  1. Any episode that involves drinking in "Parks and Rec"
    Those are the best eps
  2. Every time Creed calls someone the wrong name in "The Office"
    Gets me every time
  3. Every episode with Noah Felding and/or Russel Brand on "Big Fat Quiz of the Year"
    Also Richard Ayoade. And James Cordon. And Jack Whitehall
  4. Anytime Joey says "how you doin'" on "Friends"
    I'd mostly like to count how many times it was said
  5. Any episode with Gretchen or Gayle from "Bob's Burgers"
    They're both the absolute greatest
  6. Anytime Vince Noir's fashion and hair is mentioned in "Mighty Boosh"
    The older the episode the better
  7. Halloween episodes of "The Office"
    Doesn't get any better
  8. Anytime Linda drinks on "Bob's Burgers"
    Mommy doesn't get drunk, she just has fun
  9. Any and all episodes that have Jack and Karen making sexual advances to one other on "Will and Grace"
    They made the show
  10. Every episode of "Great British Bake Off"
    I can't pick one thing I don't love about this show
  11. Whenever Moss is Moss from "IT Crowd"
    Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
  12. Anytime Eleven is Eleven in "Stranger Things"
    Plus Barb
  13. All episodes of "Riverdale"
    So bad it's good. Cole Sprouse doesn't hurt either. AND BARB IS IN THIS SHOW TOO
  14. Whenever there's doughnuts in "Twin Peaks"
    Doughnuts make me go nuts
  15. Any episode with Reid from "Criminal Minds"
    My future husband