Silly things I do

  1. Throw out the box for mac and cheese. And then retrieve it minutes later
    I've made mac and cheese a billion times but I have to check just in case they've changed something on me
  2. I refuse to eat the end bread
    Or "ass bread" as I lovingly call it. I can't bring myself to, it's ridiculous I know but I can't change it
  3. Find something that smells bad? Better sniff it again
    You know, just to be sure
  4. Eat Taco Bell
    I love it, I can't stay away. I know it's unhealthy but that doesn't change a thing for me
  5. Put lotion on my hands and then try to take off my chapstick cap
    And it's impossible. I never learn
  6. Don't wear gloves when it's cold outside
    This California girl is still learning how to dress properly for seasons
  7. Smell my hands after squeezing a lime
    Still limey? Yep 🍈