1. Remembering faces
    I'll even remember that we had a class together 6 years ago, but I'll forget a name immediately
  2. Peeing fast
    I am shockingly quick. Sometimes I even beat dudes
  3. Remembering for other people
    At one point it was my job to remember everything my boss was up to
  4. Harry Potter
    Who I am kidding? This is the most useful skill out there
  5. Making smoothies
  6. Snacking
    I usually feeling a little peckish so I'm great at having great snacks on hand. One of my many nicknames is Snacki
  7. Making situations awkward
    Such as asking someone about their relationship the weekend after they broke up
  8. Getting in the way
    No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I can manage to get in the way
  9. Baking
    Also excellent at taking boxed mixes and making them a little fancier
  10. Egg scrambles
    Why not throw some lentils and chips in? Live a little!
  11. Finding things for other people
    Can't find anything for me of course, but I sure as hell can find whatever you need