In no particular order
  1. I eat gummy bears in a specific, color coded order
    First white, then yellow or green, orange, and finally red. If I'm sharing I'll make sure I have one of each before grabbing another handful
  2. Any volume or temperature or anything has to be an even number or multiple of five
    I can't do a 23 or 37 or 81!
  3. I don't like using the same hair tie two days in a row
    I have a system where I put the one I just used on the bottom so the oldest one should be on top
  4. I hate the idea of things being unused like napkins or plates so I always shift the oldest up
    See above
  5. I am pretty germophobic
    I really tried to get over it when working with kids but couldn't break it. If you're using my chapstick I will look away so I don't really know if you used it
  6. I am very organized with my ITunes
    If we don't have order, what are we?
  7. I feel bad when something doesn't get to be used for it's purpose
    Like if someone throws away an unopened straw - that poor straw 😭
  8. I can't snap
    Physically unable to. I wear rings that make a fake snapping noise for me
  9. I can't wink
    Also physically unable to. I have perfected what I call "the drunk girl wink" in its place
  10. If I don't like something in a movie or TV show, I'll skip through it. If I'm watching with other people, I'll leave the room
    They might love it, so I'll find something else to distract myself