The origin story isn't very interesting but this morning we had a development. Thanks @BWN_7
  1. So technically I'm an assistant for a freelance event company, they just haven't started in Minneapolis
  2. I was hired last June and they were hoping they'd launch in 6 months
  3. They still haven't
  4. However I needed headshots for my bio so I asked a photographer friend if he could help me out
  5. So he took a few (gorgeous) photos and I picked one for the professional stuff and the one I have here is for funsies
  6. That's as far as that story goes
  7. BUT
  8. I got an email from someone who works at HQ for the event company saying they haven't put mine up because it doesn't follow their guidelines about lighting
  9. Not a huge deal except this is the third time I've sent over my headshot since last summer and I've never heard a peep about anything. Not even a confirmation email saying they received it. Nada. I've even sent it twice to this woman who emailed me
  10. Plus nothing in their requirements state anything about lighting
    It suggests you should have a white backdrop (which I don't I know), an open smile, and a upper body shot. So yes I don't have a white backdrop, but when you look on their website there are at least 10 other people who don't either!
  11. And yes mine is kinda dark as I don't have a bright light in my face but there are people who have darker ones! Like half their face is in shadows!
  12. Their "no's" say no selfies, no cropped photos, no half face photos
    All of which mine isn't!
  13. It's just upsetting as I'll have to pay for another round of these photos when I feel mine follows their requirements already! And they never said anything for almost a year! And there isn't a word about lighting in their requirements! Not a word!
    I sent an email this morning explaining all this, nicely. Now we wait