When I was younger I was convinced that I always had to look my best otherwise I wouldn't be happy, or get a bf, or be popular or something else ridiculous that didn't really matter
  1. Go bra-lass
    Wearing bras makes your little boobs look bigger, RIGHT?! Who wouldn't want to be wear a bra?
  2. Go out of the house without makeup
    I've always had pretty bad acne and been insecure thus created an illusion the only way I could ever look good was with makeup
  3. Wear dark clothes
    I have seborrhea (it's like psoriasis on your head) and I was very insecure about the flakes that come with it and never wore dark colors because of it. Now it's under much better control, but also, who cares?
  4. Wear a shirt or dress twice
    This is mostly because I am a very sweaty person and usually unable to wear something more than once
  5. Wash my hair every three days
    I used to wash my hair EVERY DAY
  6. Apply sunscreen daily
    Being tan now is the coolest, who cares about your health in the future?
  7. Infrequent leg shaving
    In summer's past I used to do it every other day. Now I'm lucky if I do it once a week