1. Rudeness
    Once emailed a guy asking if he'd lower the price if I paid cash, his response? "All Craigslist transactions are cash" Uh... That's definitely not true. Bye!
  2. No pictures
    If you want me to buy your thing and you won't show me your thing, I'm not gonna be interested in your thing
  3. Curt answers
    Is this still available? Yes. Can I pick it up sometime soon? Yes. Will you ever give me any information ever? No
  4. Over! Punctuation! To! Emphasize! Your! Thing!
    I'm all about excitement, but I don't want to work at a place that claims to be THE! BEST! PLACE! EVERRRRRR!!!!!
  5. Those people who say "text or call for a fast response" and never leave a phone number
  6. "We're looking for people open to new experiences"
    I'll totes watch your dog for you, but I'm not going to engage in your weird drug "art flick" (aka porn)
  7. People who obviously think they have an antique from the Titanic and charge as such
    When in reality it's from their mom's basement
  8. People who just never, ever respond
  9. Over use of the word "vintage"
    I get that it's from the 60s, but it hasn't been used for a reason because it was crap then and it's crap now
  10. Haunted doll sellers
    Do I really need to say anything else?