1. Is that a safe choice for your body?
  2. We use gentle touches with our friends, can you show me a gentle touch?
  3. I don't think my friend likes it when you put your hands in their mouth
  4. Can you please put your bottom on the chair and feet on the floor?
  5. When you throw your plate on the floor it tells me that you're all done with snack
  6. Hands to self please
  7. Do you want more? Can you use your words or your signs to tell me?
  8. No thank you, I don't like it when you scratch me
  9. You're going home with mom and dad?! Wow! Are you driving the car? No? Why not?
  10. That's not a safe choice for your body, can you show me that you can sit properly?
  11. I see that you are sad, would you like a hug?
  12. This is not your food, can you please walk your body away?
  13. Would you like to go on a walk? Ok, we need to put your jacket on first
  14. Can you help me put your jacket on?
  15. No thank you, please don't sit my on friend's face
  16. Our food goes in our mouth, not on the floor