1. What's the difference between organic celery and non organic celery? Isn't it all 94% water anyway?
  2. How much cookie butter can I get without being judged?
  3. Why does that small child know what flax seed is? Do I even know what it is?
  4. Where's that smell coming from? The food I'm looking at or the person next to me?
  5. Buried Treasure? Yes please
  6. Mmmm mac and cheese bites
  7. This display has to make sense to someone. Maybe you have to be gluten free
  8. I love that half the food is super healthy and the other half is for the rest of us pretending to be bougie
  9. Oh god, that's a dog sitting in the shopping cart. I thought it was a small child
  10. Am I sure that's a dog?
  11. There are only 4 aisles, how am I already lost?
  12. Better walk by the ice cream and cookie section again to make sure I didn't miss anything...
  13. Why do they ring the bell? Have they ever rung it for me? Do I want them too?
  14. When did my cart get so full? I came here for 6 things
  15. I am not going to fit all of this stuff on that tiny shelf
  16. I do need some of these spicy, mint, chocolate, dried fruit things, don't I?
  17. She fit all of my things on that tiny shelf
  18. Finally remembered to bring my reusable bags! Only brought 2 though and I have 12 paper bags now...
  19. I am so wasteful. I am the scourge of the earth
  20. Better go home and eat my weight in cookie butter