Opposite of yesterday's list
  1. Weddings
    I fucking love weddings. I don't care whose. I don't care where. I love them all. AND I CRY AT ALL OF THEM. I'm not too sure what it is, but the fact that two humans are standing up in front of all their favorite humans to tell their most favorite human that they want to be with them for forever? I got teary eyed just writing that. WEDDINGS ARE GREAT BECAUSE THEY HAVE FOOD AND DANCING AND THOSE ARE MY FAVE. Plus booze
  2. Brunch
    BRUNCH BRUNCH BRUNCH. I'm a little basic, who cares? The fact that I can eat waffles and french fries at the same time is really my best life. All the brunches
  3. Dancing
    I'm one of those weird people who can dance to almost anything, drunk or sober. I know, weird! But I love it. I will not sit here and tell I'm a great dancer because I'm not but I have a ton of fun doing it!
  4. Dog parks
    Giphy downsized medium
    Once upon a time I worked at a doggy day care and it was the absolute greatest. Dogs making dog friends?! Amazing
  5. Bookstores
    Used bookstores have a special place in my heart because they smell incredible but I'm not picky
  6. Thrift shopping
    When I'm in the right mood. It can be exhausting to sort through everything to find the treasures but damn if it ain't worth it. Plus I really love imagining the life path of whatever thing I've picked up
  7. Animal picking out
    Do you need a new cat? I'm there. Are you looking at bunny that needs to be rehomed? Count me in. Puppies in the park? ALL OVER IT