And now I can't sleep
  1. Today for my new job I went to my old job at school I used to work for
  2. And I saw all my little friends
  3. And now I miss them
  4. I love working with kids
  5. They're so silly
  6. They're my people
  7. I didn't always like working with the adults
  8. I left because of frustration with some adults
  9. But not the little babies
  10. Some remembered me
  11. Some didn't
  12. But I remembered them all
  13. I miss working with them
  14. Now I'm wondering if I made the right choice
  15. The people I was frustrated with are still there
  16. But so are my little baby friends
  17. Kids can be exhausting
  18. And you have to constantly make sure they don't die
  19. And they repay you by sneezing into your mouth
  20. Or vomiting on you
  21. But I do love them
  22. And I can't stop thinking about them
  23. Did I make the right choice?