I've work in music, education, granite, event planning, with dogs, and abroad. Some experiences have been good, some have been not so good...
  1. Yelled at me for throwing out pizza that sat out all night
  2. Snuck alcoholic drinks in the middle of rush
  3. Made out with an employee in the back on more than one occasion
  4. Started a relationship with an employee 20 years their younger
  5. Regularly made me get lunch at specific, niche places where I often had to wait in line for over an hour
  6. Showed up drunk when off the clock
  7. Stayed overnight at the place of employment
  8. Offered to clock me in and out one day while I stayed home in order to get me to do something I had already refused
  9. Cocaine then offered me some
  10. Verbally berated me in front of other coworkers when I didn't know something
  11. When questioned about sick leave, told I had to "prove I was really sick"
  12. Informed me I wasn't a team player when I was unavailable to work at a different location
  13. Threw cups
  14. Threw temper tantrums
  15. When working a festival, required me to stay up almost all night then work an 18 hour day. Offered recreational activities to keep me awake
  16. Called me in the early morning hours to book hotels for the upcoming day