1. Demands to be fed. Once fed takes one look at the bowl and buries it
  2. Occasionally breaks into my roommate's room during the night, just to remind us all that she can
  3. Buries something in the cat box for half an hour before I come over to assist. Meows to assert dominance
  4. Wakes up from a nap just to get up and walk over me only to return to said nap immediately after
  5. Doesn't care about me or pets until the hours of 3am - 5am
  6. Doesn't take well to being ignored. Retaliates by chewing on phone and computer chargers, computer keys, and fingers. Typically between the aforementioned wee hours
  7. If you are foolish enough to leave a cup of water around, will stick head in to ingest and knock over aforementioned cup
  8. Cannot be trusted around chapsticks, hair ties, scissors, pens, pencils, and earrings. Bats objects to the ground, stares, and then finds something else to destroy
  9. Rips apart paper left on the ground, spits out pieces and goes back to to the carcass for more
  10. Butt in face
  11. Even if I've put articles of clothing in a black box that is triple locked and have an armed guard, cat hair gets everywhere
  12. Chews my rings, regardless of whether they are on my fingers or not