What my childhood looks like

Perfect for a Saturday morning
  1. Saturday morning cartoons
    I'd run upstairs at 8am in order to not miss Rugrats, Scooby Doo, Wild Thornberry's, The Addams Family, Rocket Power, Dexter's Labortory, and Hey Arnold. I'd watch until the rest of my family woke up and we could have breakfast together. My sister was 4 years older and slept FOREVER so if I was starving, I'd make a shirt pocket and put some cereal in it
  2. Polly Pockets
    God I loved those things. I think it started my love for mini scenes
  3. Waffle blocks
    I'd play with these for HOURS and until I was way older than appropriate. TBH I'd still play with these
  4. Beanie babies
    Like any self respecting 90s kid I loved these sacks of beans
  5. Stickers
    These were my JAM. I stole some from my sister once and still feel bad about it
  6. Skip-its
    Although I never owned one myself (probably wise on my parents part)) some of my besties had them so we'd maim ourselves at their places
  7. Puffy paint
    I remember discovering this and never turning back. Your clothes could be 3D?! Forget regular 2D shirts, those are so pedestrian
  8. Disney movies
    I still remember the smell of those boxes and the rewind noise
  9. Mancala was life
    The smell. The sound. The sensory journey
  10. Gelly role everything
    My genuine heaven. For a week or two your library was upgraded to the newer, hotter model. What were the Bailey School Kids up to? What about Wishbone? Mary Kate and Ashley? Too scared to ever read Goosebumps and although I never actually read Animorphs I did take a gander at their covers
  12. Slammed down some pogs
  13. Slapped my skin pink with bracelets
  14. Doctor Pepper Lip Smacker
    More fun to eat TBH
  16. Choreographing lip sync and dance routines to Barbie Girl by Aqua
    No birthday party was complete without it