1. You always ask for more limes
    Minneapolis is so stingy with limes, I've gotten the smallest limes imaginable here. In California they practically threw them at you and I welcomed them with open arms (and mouth). I ask for more limes everywhere for everything
  2. You are a taco snob
    Now don't get me wrong, I have so much time for Jack In the Box and Taco Bell but that's because they're honest. I know if I'm paying $2 for 15 tacos they're not gonna be good. But if you charge me $7 for one "street taco" and put sour cream and cheese on it I'm going to be so pissed. THAT'S NOT WHAT A STREET TACO IS! Plus I've tasted the best do it's hard not to compare, however I am willing to give all tacos a chance once
  3. You make little songs out of silly things
    I wish I could tell you that this habit started when I was working with kids but in all reality it only made it flourish
  4. You hold conversations with animals
    Some of my best talks are with them
  5. You can't resist a fuzzy blanket
    Even in the summer I love a good blanket, they're so cozy and lovely. If I'm sitting on the couch I'll always start out with one
  6. Fidget
    I can't sit still, I am a mover and a groover
  7. Get lost at least once when driving somewhere new
    I'm usually lucky and I just miss one wrong turn but on occasion (like earlier today) I missed my turn and ended up on the freeway going the opposite way
  8. Quote "The Office", "Friends," "Parks and Recreation," "Harry Potter," "Bob's Burgers," and "Freaks and Geeks" to the point of annoyance
  9. Can't hide your emotions
    I've tried to pretend for so long that I can, but I've recently had to accept it. Any emotion I'm feeling is written over my face, usually they're positive ones although I do tear up a fair amount over very trivial things like a really sweet commercial