I sometimes feel like I'm doing something wrong for no reason. It's been happening more the further I get from when I graduated. Small decisions become big decisions. It's hard to make decisions without feeling like any decision will have dire consequences. I fear trying new things because I don't want a mini lecture on why what I did was wrong.
  1. Listening to the soundtrack from The Sims
    Reliving childhood when played the game
  2. Listening to Tchaikovsky
    Distracts worrying part of my brain that makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong
  3. Switching what I'm working on
    Making portfolio more complete, applying jobs, adjusting resume...
  4. Look up "anxiety relief music" on YouTube
    Making sure autoplay is on
  5. Long distance train rides
    Motion of train distracts part of the brain that would normally be randomly making me feel anxious & like I'm doing something wrong