Photos Taken on My Phone That Make Me Happy

On my flight to a layover in Cleveland so I might as well make a list!
  1. Blue jay eggs that were found right in my backyard- they were such a beauty and my family documented it all
  2. First time I ever saw icicles in real life at Sagamore Lake! I was mesmerized and had to grab one to play with
  3. Tower bridge in old Sacramento that really speaks to me and if I were a bridge I'd want to be this one
  4. Hiking trail right next to my house where I experienced the beauty of the Shire
  5. Living in Los Angeles means getting to see my favourite director getting his own Hollywood Star
  6. My roommate and I would steal bread from the dining hall for our "contrabread"
  7. After walking 9+ miles in San Francisco with my friend Joy
  8. The last photo that I have of Mia looking happy and healthy on my phone
  9. One of the best and most recent concerts I have been to for Borns