Selfies Explained

I'm a product of my generation and when there is good lighting I'm not one to not take advantage of it
  1. I had finally gotten out of some low self esteem funk and seized the opportunity to take a good selfie
  2. I was in a Texas layover feeling extremely discontent while wearing a turtle neck- this was in line at Popeyes
  3. Wanted to show off that hats didn't completely destroy my face and that I had some sense of sorority pride
  4. Literally took selfies a million times right before a job interview to get stoked- didn't get the job (bye Radio Disney)
  5. This is the only kiss face selfie I will ever like- had to put the emojis there to cover up my roommates photos on the wall
  6. Years ago I got my wisdom teeth out and took selfies that I don't remember
  7. Right before I went to the ER for my allergy attack
  8. This one will be my Twitter pic forever- this was taken in a time period when I finally felt like I was beautiful and healthy