I just want these things... Can't we all have these things??
  1. Ability to edit the thumbnail of their photo after upload
    I want to be able to move the photo thumbnail slightly to the left or right because somehow it always cuts off the best part of the photo
  2. Ability to pick from multiple thumbnail options of your video
    Awkward thumbnail of me mid talking is not cute
  3. A different page to view Instagram Stories
    It clutters the front page of Instagram that was once so beautiful and simple- now it looks cluttered and hectic!
  4. Hide from stream option
    Like how Facebook has hide from timeline- this would be super helpful!
  5. Option to view posts in chronological order
    Just having the option would be cool because people sometimes do part 1,2,3 posts and they end up in shambles
  6. Drafts!!
    Like every other app has this. Let me backlog content so I can post later
    Suggested by @maggieannre
  7. Lists
    I have a side account that I use to only follow close friends so I don't miss a post. Wouldn't be necessary if we could make lists a la Twitter
    Suggested by @maggieannre