When It Actually Feels Like a New Year

Some years you go into feeling like it's just continuous but currently it really does feel new and exciting because of these things- thanks @maggieannre, I'm officially into this app
  1. First thing my boss said to me when I came back to Sony after break was "I have so much for you to do, Jac!"
    Last semester was filled with me doing absolutely nothing so I have a feeling that maybe, hopefully, there is still an opportunity for me to learn more before I leave- or at least have a good leave!
  2. Starting my internship at Dolby
    This is a further drive but I have a feeling that I will learn a lot of challenging technical skills so I'm both terrified and excited! Also my first step into the tech industry
  3. Taking Ceramics class
    The day right before my first day of class I switched out my business class for a ceramics class.... Holy shit why did I do that- I just want to make a bowl
  4. Going to Taiwan
    Instead of spending my spring break wasted on a beach (low key would be fun)- I will be in Taiwan with my grandma and boyfriend
  5. Working on independence
    Being even more self reliant and making decisions that I want and not caring TOO much on what others might say since it's ultimately my own life and happiness
  6. Working on being genuine
    Standing by what I believe and not letting others get the best of me- also means keeping my cool and not being mean because then I'm just a hater- if people suck then I just need to not care and feel bad for them rather than feel hate for them
  7. Working on being caring
    To my friends- making sure I am a good listener, putting my phone down, remembering what is important and asking about it, and being open to receive the same openness to those that I love