I was dumb for far too long, but now I'm clearly wise.
  1. When you moved, it just meant you put your house on wheels and relocated the whole thing.
  2. When you drink water, it goes straight through your body and into your bladder.
    Can you imagine though?
  3. I never realized meat=muscle.
    This still freaks me out.
  4. Average dicks are 9-10 inches.
    I clearly watched too much porn.
  5. Salmon is not pronounced with the "l" for some stupid reason.
    There's a bunch more I pronounce wrong too.
  6. I thought documentaries were real footage and not reenactions
  7. Minolaties are not a thing, but minorities are.
    Thanks mom.
  8. I always thought Sonoco was Sundco 😐
  9. Ear wax is not actually alive.
    Again, thanks mom.
  10. Car engines are not (usually) in the back of a car near the trunk.
    Idk how I ever thought this made sense.