1. 💩
    Because it's a steaming pile of two eyes and a smile.
  2. 🍕
    Because it's 🍕
  3. 😎
    Because he's the coolest damn emoji. Anything smiling with shades on is instant cool. You can't see it, but he's also wearing a leather jacket. #badassmf
  4. 😅
    Because this accurately represents my daily mood everyday in life.
  5. ⚡️
    Because nothing is as badass as a lightning bolt.
  6. 👍🏼/👎🏼
    An easy and more hip way to say words such as; "Yes." "Sure thing" "that movie was good!" Or other things like "Nay." "No." "That movie wasn't good."
  7. 💀
    Because. It's. A. Skull.
  8. 🎅🏿
    Two words. Black. Santa. Or one word and one noun idk