1. Chef
    For Kindergarten graduation (because in my day we graduated! There was non of that promotion crap!) my classmates and I were all assigned different careers that we might have one day in The future. We had to dress up in our career costume and walk onto the stage and say what career we had. And of course I was a chef!
  2. Army
    I wanted to be a badass growing up like all of the people I saw in war movies!
  3. Pastor
    All good Christians are pastors, right??? So that's why I wanted to be a pastor!
  4. Pediatric Surgeon
    My cousin is a nurse and told me I should be a pediatric nurse someday because I'm good with kids! But I didn't want to be a nurse bc I thought nurses were the slave monkeys of the hospital... So I wanted to be the best of the best and be a surgeon!
  5. Pararescue
    Jumping out of airplanes and helicopters to save people sounds pretty freaking awesome!
  6. Flight Medic
    In my mind, Pretty much a pararescue except for being in the U.S. and not getting shot at! Sounds safer!
  7. Firefighter/ Paramedic
    I want to help people and that's what paramedics do and if I'm a paramedic, I might as well be a firefighter bc you get payed more!
  8. Nurse
    You get paid more and work less than a firefighter/paramedic.
  9. Green Beret
    It's in the Army and you help people.