Favorite Foods of World Leaders (Probably)

With optional drink pairings!
  1. Theresa May - Boiled meat and blood pudding
    Warm beer and Beefeater gin, since she no longer has anywhere to export those things
  2. Vladimir Putin - Carne Assad
    Vodka shot (vodka derived from potatoes he killed with his bare hands)
  3. Justin Trudeau - Sushi eaten off of a naked woman's body
    Sake bomb chaser
  4. Barack Obama - Entire pepperoni pizza, but Biden gets 3 pieces because he called it with no take-backsies
    3 bottles of Cabernet and a pack of smokes, because god knows he's earned it by now
  5. Xi Jinping - Exact copy of what Obama is eating, but for 1/4 of the cost to make it
    Pabst Blue Ribbon
  6. Francois Hollande - Coq au Vin split equally between every citizen in the country
    Cheap Bordeaux served in a sippy cup
  7. Angela Merkel - Sauerbraten with potatoes
    Paired with whatever it takes to hold Europe together