Not all these movies are great but sometimes I just really watch a certain actor and get into it
  1. Andrew Garfield in the Social Network
    Composed until he's not, the camera finds Jessie In his scenes, but every heartbreak and betrayal of Eduardo we feel so profoundly with him
  2. Ben Whishaw in Skyfall
    Dumb action movies don't have to be dumb action movies even when they satisfy a lot of tropes - Whishaws cold contempt melting over this film is fun in probably the most bond like of Daniel Craig's bonds
  3. Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight
    Inhabiting again his character from thank you for smoking, but just put through a fucking ringer and we watch every fall so inhabited and human in a comic book movie
  4. Carey Mulligan in Drive
    Beautiful and Sad and such an amazing counterpoint to the masculinity that occupies this movie, she's calm throughout and it just makes everything she does so melancholic
  5. Matthew McConaughey in Tropic Thunder
    Proof he can sell you on everything, his incredulity alone at Tom cruise ruins me
  6. Luke Wilson in The Skeleton Twins
    The funniest character in the movie whilst also being the most real part in something than purposely wanders into fairy tale of hyper-reality - his moments bring you back down to earth and I don't think anyone but LW could pitch that balance
  7. Bill Nigh in About Time
    A movie about life and love, these themes are learnt by Domhall Gleeson, but Bill Nigh knew them all along - and that's great and even his walk shows you that