Selections, in order of scariness
  1. The not knowing
    This is the worst part for me in any sort of medical emergency – – I'm really good at filling the space between the decision to seek out help and the diagnosis of what actually happened.
  2. Thinking about what I was going to tell my parents in the morning
    I really don't like bothering people, I think.
  3. No straight answers
    I understand where it comes from, but I really just want to know exactly what's going on and what I'm in for and am to expect.
  4. The woman in the bed next to me, praying
    It was a thing that oscillated between sweet and sad desperation to a darkly manic and vengeful tirade against the hospital staff that was "letting her die here."
  5. The X-ray technician, mashing my broken elbow into insane positions
    Though he seemed pretty understanding and he let me come back into the tech booth with him to look at the pictures of my bones and fool around with his x-ray computer a bit, which was really fun.
  6. The cab ride home at six in the morning
    Even though there are almost no cars on the road at this time of day, my boy found a way to get into some harrowing situations. Plus he asked me to input my address into his GPS and then insisted that I give him directions back to Manhattan. All while I'm wearing a gigantic cast and am pretty wet from the rain I'd walked through to find him.
  7. Mother and father walking their daughter out of the ER
    I don't know what happened to her. But it was a sad little family shuffling by. The mom made sure to always have at least one hand on her child's body, almost as if she let go of her daughter, she would disappear. Dad seemed a little dumbfounded, hands in khaki shorts' pockets, tiredly smiling at everyone.
  8. Dude with chest burns
    He came in pretty out of it on some serious drugs. I stood with the nurses and the doctors at their little station watching the triage nurse and a police officer trying to figure out what was going on before he passed out. It was a hell of a thing to see. It made me feel a bit better about my little broken arm.