1. Mable by Spraynard
    Perfect pop punk. The track "Bench" is sad sack bummer summer gold. The whole album rules.
  2. Birds in Row
    Cool ass, heavy ass blackened hardcore band from France. Just a pummeling sound for three guys with these the-cool-side-of-screamo vocals. This is the kind of shit I'm into.
  3. The Impossibles
    Yeah! Summer time, ska time!
  4. "The Guns of Navarone" by the Skatalites
    Got heavy back into two-tone recently and this is still sticking around. The main horns line in this is the best thing going.
  5. Excavations/Black Eagle Child Split
    Don't know how I found this. Super cool, sort of anxious ambient stuff. Good for both zoning out or rushing around.
  6. Howl by MTHR
    Spooky spooky ethereal doom. Think the parts of the Hobbit that frightened you as a kid -- good for walking in misty woods.
  7. Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie by Nacho's Modern Life
    Came for the name, stayed for the dirty pop punk.
  8. Diet Cig
    Love this band. They call themselves "slop pop" which is right on.
  9. Benny the Jet Rodriguez
    Specifically the track "Alley Cat." Super fun garage pop.
  10. The Ergs!
  11. "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." By Motörhead
    My favorite mash note.