From readings for a class on Modernist Architecture
  1. "Antiquity or Middle Ages, for sure."
  2. "the history of the relation between cantilevered structures and modern body, the heroic modern body"
  3. "a compound of flesh, mechanical and electronic parts."
  4. "pictures or photographs of men, women, children and other domestic animals doing what they do"
  5. "the point at which carnality shone through"
  6. "These were the years when the puritans talked of 'armouring' the self against a naughty world."
  7. "To prevent useless intrusions, he inscribed in large letters above the door of his room these admonitory words: 'BE SHORT'."
  8. "the body appeared as little more than a heavy shadow of the spirit."
  9. "Such doors no longer take orders from those who would pass through them but from an invisible power that rules over their opening and closing."
  10. "The journey between bed and bath - where trod the naked to enact the rawest acts of the body"
  11. "dissipate the clammy heat of intimate relationships"
  12. "The thing to notice is that when flesh touched flesh a subtle style of torture was taking place."
  13. "He loved company, hated puritans, tore down curtains, flung unpalatable food out of the window, hit furniture, broke chairs, rammed his head against walls, shouted, swore and wept, to the consternation of more restrained contemporaries,"
  14. "Am I really implying that clouds talk to us?"