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I like this list because I usually don't wanna be anyone other than what I've been trynna be lately (lol).
  1. Daniel Norris
    MLB pitcher, Outdoorsman, phenomenal beard, surfs and explores the country in his old VW Camper. Ain't much more to say.
  2. John Mayer
    I'd put on an impromptu show and make everybody's jeans drip with my velvet voice. Then I'd try and get he world's largest one man orgy going.
  3. Justin Bieber
    Nobody gets away with more reckless shit than JB; guaranteed wild night with little repercussions.
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Here's a few pieces of advice I carry with me at all times.
  1. "Never, ever, ever give up." - Michael Scott
  2. "When looking for inspiration, never use Google because you'll only ever find exactly what you're looking for." - My design professor
  3. "Do it once and do it right" - My grandfather
I'm not entirely sure how random this is, so best with me.
  1. E.T vs H.T
  2. Half of an Internet meme.
  3. Maybe a sloth.
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I (Kinda) became reasonable as I grew up.
  1. Pro Baseball Player
  2. Chimpanzee Handler aka James Goodall
    Part of me hopes this phase comes back around.
  3. Pro Baseball Player
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I listen to music in cycles for the most part, I've cycled back around to my Rock / Punk / Hardcore phase.
  1. The Wonder Years
    Phenomenal band.
  2. Four Years Strong
    One of my favorite new albums in a long time.
  3. The Hold Steady
    Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band goes punk.
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