Not including the wide array of costumes I wore as a dancer/theater nerd... Just holidays 🎃👑🎉
  1. Halloween 1993: Ballerina
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  2. Halloween 1994: Ballerina
    Apparently I was very infatuated with my mother's childhood dance recital costume.
  3. Halloween 1995: Snow White
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  4. Purim 5756: Queen Esther
  5. Halloween 1996: Esmerelda from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'
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    For the record, I am still upset by my mother's yearly failure to buy me nude turtle necks for Halloween (October 31 is practically winter in Syracuse, so layers are necessary). Those patterns totally wrecked my cosplay game, but she always insisted it wasn't a big deal!
  6. Purim 5757: Queen Esther
  7. Halloween 1997: Meg from 'Hercules'
    Little Bro was Herc.
  8. Purim 5758: Queen Esther
  9. Halloween 1998: Rose from 'Titanic'
    My Heart of the Ocean Necklace was actually a Polly Pocket set.
  10. Purim 5759: Queen Esther
  11. Halloween 1999: What I actually was is embarrassing, so we'll just say Biker Girl.
  12. Purim 5760: Queen Esther
  13. Halloween 2000: Jamie Lloyd from 'Halloween 4/5'. I was a weird kid.
  14. Purim 5761: An "Esther Egg"
    Hehe, get it?
  15. Halloween 2001: Regan from 'The Exorcist'
  16. Purim 5762: Jewish Dancing Queen
    It was ABBA's hit single meets Megillat Esther.
  17. Halloween 2002: Little Red Ridinghood
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    The 2002 "Into the Woods" Broadway revival Little Red, which I was very specific about.
  18. Purim 5763: Mexican Man
    This was before people realized cultural appropriation was offensive.
  19. Halloween 2004: Elphaba from 'Wicked'
  20. Halloween 2005: Myself. But like, a Halloween version.
  21. Halloween 2006: Duck
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    As in "the chick and the duck" from 'Friends'.
  22. Halloween 2007: Cat
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  23. Halloween 2008: Batman. Yes, BatMAN.
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  24. Purim 5769: Princess Leia
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    I wanted to be Princess Leia for several years in a row during childhood, but I always had to settle because there were never any child-size costumes. Now they're everywhere.
  25. Halloween 2009: I bought a pair of pink polka-dotted pajamas at the Salvation Army and put my hair in pigtails. It was for a children's parade in Washington Square Park so it worked.
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  26. Halloween 2010: Liz Lemon
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  27. Purim 5771: Ladybug
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  28. Halloween 2011: Annie Hall, but I've always said I can do this again and better.
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  29. Purim 5772: A tiny crown to signify Queen Esther. A few goyim wished me Happy Birthday and I felt bad.
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  30. Purim 5773: A giant grey-haired curly wig that I swapped back and forth with my grandmother throughout the Megillah reading.
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  31. Halloween 2014: Wednesday Addams
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  32. Purim 5775: Baseball Player
    Basically just my brothers old t-shirt jersey with a cap and eyeliner on cheeks for "eye black".
  33. Halloween 2015: TBD!
    I should probably get on that...