Only in Manhattan... 🎵
  1. 11/7/15: Woody Guthrie - This Land Is Your Land
  2. 11/14: John Denver - Country Roads, Take Me Home
    She was also able to recount accurately (unprompted, of course) how John Denver died. When I asked her if her Daddy told her that, she said no, it was one of her friends at school. Whom I've also babysat.
  3. 12/9: Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
  4. 1/30/16: David Bowie (RIP)
    Her 2-year-old brother called him "The Boogie Man" but I think he meant it as a compliment.
  5. 2/6: Guns n Roses - Paradise City
    She then proceeded to exclaim "Alexa, play Paradise City by Guns n Roses!" and I turned to see she was talking to Amazon's Echo, who promptly complied with her request.
  6. 3/12: The Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari
    She's preparing for their trip to Florida, but apparently she'd "rather not be in Miami because they're aren't many places for [her] to play."