1. Don't try and get rid of negative self talk, reframe it. Add "I'm having a thought that...," in front of it to take away the power of the negative talk.
  2. Do you have imposter syndrome ? You tell yourself that everyone is going to find out you are a fake? Read this book
  3. Think about a troubling thought and focus on it and then change it into a funny song or carton character voice
  4. Don't try and get rid of ,argue with replace it or distract yourself. See it for what it is...a bit of language.
  5. Don't dwell on whether the thought is true but whether it it helpful in my life
  6. Negative self talk. You don't have to like want or approve of them Simply make peace with them so you can move your life forward
  7. Acceptance is embracing life not just tolerating it. "Taking what is offered"
  8. No matter how intense our emotions. We can still control our actions
  9. When you fall into quicksand struggling is the worst thing you can do...with our struggle switch on we are unwilling to accept the uncomfortable feelings. Don't give in to dirty discomfort
  10. Turn the struggle switch off. Emotion are free and we don't waste energy fighting them
  11. Expansion. Give our feelings more space reduces the pressure.
  12. Acknowledging emotions without judging them. There you are. I see you
  13. I don't like this feeling but I have room for it