Who runs the world? GIRLS!! The only glimmer of hope in is this sorry political situation is that we might have a group of BADASS women running the world veeeery soon. Not just in Game of Thrones but also in real life. Will do my best to avoid spoilers!
  1. Granny Tyrell v Teresa May | The Strategists
    Hats off to these no-nonsense straight talking women. Granny Tryell takes zero prisoners and serves 💯 shade all whilst being crazy effective. Teresa May may very well end up being the next Prime Minister. Both this women have to seriously navigate a messy shitty situation but they always have a plan...
  2. Unburnt Dany v Nicola Sturgeon | Mothers of Dragons
    Both these boss babes are adored by their followers. Both are not afraid to make tough decisions and are masters of the charm offensive. I'm sure more than one person has wished for a world where Nicola Sturgeon would gather some Dothraki, take over the 4 kingdoms and save us from this mess.
  3. Brienne of Tarth v Angela Merkel | The Defenders
    Men who think they can defeat either of these women in a fight will get what's coming to them. Brienne will slash you up and Angela Merkel will pull some political judo moves that will show you whose boss. Both of these women have a clear sense of who they are and what their duty is. Although Brienne is not a 'leader' in the real life way Angela Merkel so obviously is, both will shut it down when it's needed- Brie in her knight's armour & Angel Merkel in her three-button blazers.
  4. Yara Greyjoy v Angela Eagle | The Unknowns
    The little I've seen of Yara I love. I don't know much about Angela Eagle but it's being suggested that she will go for labour leadership. If she does then we might end up with the PM and the Leader of the Opposition being women. Putting to one side the politics, if we end up with 2 women in such positions of power it will be very badass and I will be seating in Westoro-London lapping it up. Plus Yara & Angela Eagle have political sibling vibes- Angela's twin sister is an MP & Yara/Theon.
  5. Sansa Stark v Hilary Clinton | The First Ladies of Politics
    Sansa & Hilary are survivors in life & in politics. They keep going, and nothing gets them down. They've watched the men in power make mistakes around them all the time thinking 'I could do better'. Watch this space...
  6. Any other comparisons I've missed out? Was it right to leave Cersei out of this list? Let me know in the comments (and share some love on my Facebook Page: