Weddings I've stalked on Instagram

I was saving this list to draft & publish next Sunday. However it's the Monday after #Brexit making this the most depressing day of 2016 after RIP Prince so I figured this would cheer us up. After all there is nothing sweeter than a delicious Insta wedding coma on a Sunday. Except when it's on a Monday :)
  1. #LesMizrahis
    This was serving me Aspen-how-to-look-hot-when-it's-cold wedding vibes and I was HERE for all of that shiii. This wedding was classy AF.
  2. #GomezAndMorticia
    Please take a look at those bridesmaids skirts and tell me that this isn't the most awesomest bridesmaids uniform you've ever seen? Add to that #LenaDunham as a bridesmaid for the win. Special thanks to @EholmesWSJ for the tip off on this one and the one before.
  3. #MilkAndCoffee
    When you have a couple with a dedicated wedding hashtag you know that these ones ain't messing about. This isn't a #DavidWedsJane vibe. They eloped to Iceland, she foraged her wedding flowers, he is some kind of coffee genius, all her @local_milk posts have this grey marbly vibe and the hashtag continues. Baby on the way in case anyone is interested.
  4. @naturally_nakyia
    Technically not a hashtag but can I get an HALLELUYEAAAAAH for our sisters who 💯 slayed it with their wedding Afros. I was hollering and waving my pom-poms when I saw this slayage. Damn!
  5. #TheLoveStoryOfTG
    When their mommies walked them down the aisle I teared up a little bit.
  6. #CheesePretzel
    Anyone else who tries to wear those sunglasses or that dress will look like a muppet. Except @lapantin who is cool AF and 💯 nailed that look.
  7. Bonus: #Jofia
    This was way back. I don't recall there being a dedicated hashtag but some have used #Jofia. What I remember is #Sofia getting seriously turnt in all the short Insta vids I watched. If I was in her position & I'd married this awesome dude after her horrendous EX I'd be dancing like that too. No one would get me of the dancefloor.