I'm Always This And Sometimes That
  1. Always a Writer and Filmmaker
    Sometimes a procrastinator (comes with the craft) (no, it doesn't)
  2. Always a Woman
    Sometimes a woman who can beat you at sports and arcade games
  3. Always an Avid Reader
    Sometimes a re-reader (see: Harry Potter series and Pride & Prejudice)
  4. Always a Supporter of Creativity
    Sometimes afraid to speak against bad books/movies because what if someone thinks mine suck
  5. Always watching
    Sometimes commenting (rarely missing anything)
  6. Always a Saints fan
    Sometimes embarrassed by our front office's really dumb moves
  7. Always awake
    Sometimes even when I'm asleep, my brain is running 1K/min
  8. Always Smiling
    Sometimes I feel the opposite, but you don't need to feel it with me; so I smile
  9. Always