Some of my friends are from New York. Some are from LA. Some are from Vegas. I am from Taunton, Massachusetts
  1. Breakfast at Off Broadway Diner
    Broadway is a real street in Taunton. But instead of theatres, it has two diners, a Protestant church, and a comic book store. I get the linguica hash at Off Broadway, which is technically right on Broadway.
  2. Visiting my Nana
    Because she's a really incredible woman with stories to tell and bakes the best oatmeal squares and has the cleanest home you could possibly imagine.
  3. Bowling at Ryan's Family Amusements
    Technically in the next town over (Raynham stand up!) large swaths of my childhood were spent here learning how to be the most mediocre duckpin bowler the world has ever known. Also, the arcade. The mini-golf is nothing to write home about. Especially because home is the next town over.
  4. Running into people from high school at Target
    They have kids, and spouses and carts full of home products and SUVs and I've got a CD I didn't really need. But it was nice to see them and catch up.
  5. Dinner at El Mariachi
    Did you know that we have a Mexican restaurant now? It is THE SPOT for 'margs and burritos covered in orange cheese. And I'll probably run into some people I went to high school with. Plus you can get a seat with a view of the Taunton Green if you like looking at poorly used public spaces over a bowl of guac.
  6. Nightcap at The Ugly Duckling
    Tired from a day of eating, bowling, and running into people from high school, I come here to grab an ice cold macrobrew for $2 and to run into some people from high school.
  7. BONUS: U.S. 44 West
    This road runs west out of the city towards the Rhode Island state line and I-95. Consider it the "Freedom Trail."