Blink 182 edition. Studio albums only. No demos. No live albums. No complications.
  1. Cheshire Cat
    "Wasting Time" I tend to prefer the @markhoppus songs because his voice is, you know, dramatically more listenable compared to Tom's. This is the song every 17 year old with a notebook, a crush, and too much time wants to write. And the 40 second all-music intro is a nice touch.
  2. Dude Ranch
    "Lemmings" One of the first (cue the scare quotes) "serious" Blink 182 songs, albeit on an album where a dog drinks dirty toilet water. The lyrics in the outro sting and I'm sure were misappropriated by a number of AIM users. Of note: Tom doesn't sing on this track
  3. Enema of the State
    "Wendy Clear" There's such an urgency in the opening lyrics. I remember being 15, hearing the album for the first time and just gravitating towards this song. 15 years later I feel the same way. Something about the lines "Is it something I'll regret? Why do I want what I can't get? I wish it didn't have to be so bad" just grab at me. Whenever I listen to this album (and I do so shamelessly) I feel the same as a 30 year old as I did at age 15. This is probably my favorite Blink 182 song.
  4. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
    "Every Time I Look For You" Easily my least favorite Blink record, this track stands out as one of their best pop songs. The vocal interplay between Mark and Tom is a nice touch in its limited amount and, unsurprisingly, though not an obvious showcase of his immense skills, Travis' drumming really shines.
  5. Blink 182
    "Go" Blistering, urgent, and compact, the bridge hits you one minute into the song and you wonder what just happened. This song stands out for its ability to showcase all three members at their best (Travis alternating styles at every turn, Mark singing with passion and fervor, and Tom yelling "go" repeatedly).
  6. Neighborhoods (Note: History probably won't be too kind to this album which I think is unfair. As an album "Neighborhoods" lacks some cohesion, probably for a million different reasons. But each song taken individually stands well on its own.)
    "MH 4.18.2011" There's certainly a +44 feel to this track. Musically, it's pretty straightforward. I find the lyrics to be the key to this song. "Nothing takes root in this barren soil" and "Hold strong when everything you loved is gone" could be interpreted as being about the division in the band, which may make this Blink's most important song, foreshadowing the ultimate and unfortunate end of the band.