See @carey's list. No seriously, go see it. I'll wait.
  1. Restaurant: Menomale
    A (formerly...they now have a large patio) tiny pizza place in a residential neighborhood serving the best Neapolitan pizza I have had in America. VPN certified if that matters to you. Great beer list, craft cocktails and, for dessert, pizza crust baked with infused Nutella.
  2. Dish: Steak fajitas at Guapos
    First, this isn't even good Mexican food. It's perfectly fine. But it's not "California good." And it's fajitas, for heaven's sake. But this isn't about the best dish (Hi, anything from Komi!), it's about favorite. This is my comfort food. (Also, all of DC's best food is actually outside of the city limits. So much great Salvadoran, Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai food just over the borders, but ultimately ineligible for this arbitrary list.)
  3. Cappuccino: Whatever @carey says
    I don't drink coffee, on account of the crippling panic attacks.
  4. Treat: Chocolate Chip Cookie from Uncle Chip's/Sweet Pretzel from The Pretzel Bakery
  5. Museum: National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum
    A two-for-one because they share the same building. The only Smithsonian museum(s) worth their salt, this one (these two?) come(s) with an incredible courtyard cafe along with 3 floors of great photography, paintings, and modern art exhibits.
  6. Bookstore: Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe
    We are a supposedly bookish town without a great number of book stores. But, you know, the times...
  7. Brunch: Birch and Barley
    Brunch+beer at brunch+sticky buns=Immortality (or is that diabetic vulnerability???)
  8. Bar: Brookland's Finest
    Full disclosure: I hate bars. Not in the "Oh I hate bars (but I still go to them all the time)" way. I fucking hate them. I hate being around drunk people. I hate the idea of, essentially competitive drinking ("Bro you're still on your first? *smashes pint glass onto forehead* I'm buying the next round!!! Drink up!!!"). This place is my bar. Quiet. A few TVs. No one still in college. Adults having a beer or cocktail, shooting the shit with each other. An oasis in a sea of croakies.
  9. Place to write: My roof
    A distant view of the Washington Monument. Couches. Tables. Quiet. All I need. Btw, if you can't tell, I'm an "I" on Myers-Briggs.
  10. Activity with out-of-towners: Driving them to the airport
  11. Store: Trohv
    In my neighborhood (Takoma DC...don't confuse it for Takoma Park, MD please). Everything from quirky stationary to $3,000 couches. The best spot to buy gifts for people you really care about.
  12. Movie theater: Landmark E-Street
    The real answer is "ArcLight Bethesda" but that's not in DC and I'm very particular about these things. If you're looking to see the latest Kevin James contribution to the arts, this ain't your jam.