Switch the first and last words in TV shows and you've got a whole new ballgame!
  1. Hunters House
    Thursday on Spike: 12 wild game hunters are forced to live in a delightfully appointed Silver Lake bungalow where they adapt to life without their animal shootin' guns. Who will be the last man standing?
  2. Black is the New Orange
    Amazon: It's January 2017. Congressman/American Hero John Lewis is about to take over as Speaker of the House, prying the gavel away from the tanned hands of John Boehner. Will Boehner play nice? Or will he cry for 16 consecutive episodes (It's the latter)
  3. Enthusiasm Your Curb
    TLC: 8 families in a rural Georgia (the state) trailer park compete in weekly competitions to decide who has the nicest yard in front of their modular home. Hosted by one of the Teen Moms. Just not the porno one.
  4. Guy Family
    A&E: Mark and Dan are a same-sex couple about to adopt two twin sons. That's the plot of this reality TV show. Literally, that's it.
  5. Improvement Home
    HGTV: Tired of the same beautiful people with a sledgehammer fixing a dilapidated home? Then tune in every day of the week, at all hours of the day, to "Improvement Home," where people from all over the world bring their emotional baggage and physical ailments to a seemingly nondescript house. Watch them get cured by the mysterious healing elements of a split-level ranch in suburban Omaha.
  6. Moms Dance
    Cinemax (late night): Follow along as four mothers try to make ends meet by working as exotic dancers in Tampa. The drama is the only thing that's real in this club!!!