1. I wish I had a head shape that would allow me to wear a nice hat
    I was talking with a guy earlier who pulled off the nice hat look without looking like a giant tool store and I realized he had the perfect face shape and I do not. Too long of a face. So now I will live forever envious of a man named Brett.
  2. They should have named the Princess after a different city in North Carolina
    Like Greensboro.
  3. My next car will be a Volkswagen.
  4. I need to start getting tattoos...or do I?
    I've long had the idea of having a symbolic representation of every state I've been to (all but AK and HI) tattooed on my body. A saguaro cactus for Arizona. A yellowhammer for Alabama. Sunflower for Kansas. Etc. Today for whatever reason, I had a 1/3 life (I hope???) crisis. I'm 30. Am I reaching/past the point where this would be a cool/creative idea? Would I just be a 30 year old guy getting a bunch of tattoos? (I spent an inordinate amount of time on this one)
  5. Listening to The Smiths as a teenager probably didn't do me any favors romantically/sexually
    When Morrissey is one of your heroes, you're probably not going to be terribly adept at talking to people you are attracted to. And boy, was I not!! I'd say I was 20 before I actually learned how to be a functional human around women. And I probably owe a great deal of that to listening to the musings of a grumpy asexual man from the north of England. Related, kind of: The chance of this happening is -.0005% but Morrissey on ListApp would be the most entertaining/wonderful thing in app history.