A comedy of errors
  1. 12:00-2:15 a.m: Work
    The Senate knows two times: "recess" and "the last possible minute before a recess"
  2. 2:15-2:30: Drive home
  3. 2:35: Shower
    I'm a night shower person. Even when I'm 85% asleep and it's the early morning. It relaxes me like nothing else can. Besides Klonopin.
  4. 2:55: Get into bed
    Wake up my partner. Start telling her about how crazy the Senate is. Realize I should let her sleep.
  5. 2:55-3:30 (?): WIDE AWAKE
  6. ~3:30: Fall asleep
  7. 6:30: Wake up
    Violent calf cramp and bladder about to explode.
  8. 6:33: Fall back asleep
    Mind you, my calf is still in a visible knot.
  9. 8:15: Partner wakes up
    We had planned to visit friends in the Hudson Valley together this weekend but my work schedule and being sick with a cold kept me back. Amanda decided to go alone. So now I'm awak
  10. 8:15-10:00
    Lay in bed, talk with Amanda, contemplate going back to sleep, fail at that, say goodbye to Amanda, get up, put all of my weight on my right leg, fall to floor
  11. 10:00-10:45
    Leisurely breakfast. Finish watching "Real Sports" and watch yesterday's "Olbermann."
  12. 10:45: Start dishwasher
  13. 10:48: Dishwasher starts turning off and on and off and on
  14. 10:48:30: Open dishwasher
    Soap everywhere, pool of water in base, smells like burning
  15. 10:48:31-11:15: Get dressed, brush teeth, get glam
  16. 11:15: Make this list while my building manager explains to a resident that we can't have DirecTV in our building
    Fun note: The guy is standing with the DirecTV installation man who he scheduled despite the fact that you can't have DirecTV here