I like putting stickers on my cars. I find them to be a good representation of character. Or one's sense of irony
  1. TK sticker (current)
    3c1e6dbf 8922 49d1 bd96 f481653bf961
    TK is Tony Kornheiser, aka Mr. Tony. Long-time former writer for the Washington Post, Kornheiser now hosts a radio show on a DC sports talk station (as well as, and more famously, ESPN's Pardon the Interruption). His show occasionally touches upon subjects of sport. I mainly listen for his complaints about the universe, including people who cross country sky down snow-covered roads in winter and having to socialize with others.
  2. Manchester City Football Club crest (former, as are all below)
    My English Premier League club of choice. This sticker was unfortunately lost as a result of this winter's snow. It will be replaced.
  3. "Be Nice You're In Oregon"
    Bought at a deli in Bend, Oregon I greatly appreciated the irony of driving around DC with this sticker until it was replaced by my TK sticker.
  4. "New Mexico: Land of Enchantment"
    Purchased at a trading post in eastern New Mexico. I love New Mexico, as I do all of the American West. Lost when my 2001 Ford Focus was totaled.
  5. In n' Out Burger
    Because, obviously. Also lost in the totaling of the Focus
  6. UC Berkeley alumni
    Also lost in the totaling. Note: I did not attend UC Berkeley
  7. Harvard University
    This wasn't even a funny sticker. I removed it not long after putting it on because it wasn't ironic or clever.
  8. UNH Wildcats football
    A good number of my friends went to UNH and I spent so much time driving to games with them that this seemed like a necessary own. Removed after a playoff loss some time in 2006. Fair weather fan.
  9. Texas Longhorns
    I was never a fan but I saw this sticker while in Austin and loved it. It was essentially a panoramic of the longhorn logo that stretched across the top of my rear window. Lost in the totaling.
  10. New Found Glory
    Because we were all 16 once.
  11. 95.5 WBRU ("Providence's Alternative Station")
    The first sticker I ever put on a car. This station still bills itself as such despite the fact that they play, almost exclusively, Sublime and The Offspring.