I work in a place known as the U.S. Senate. Laws are made there. Sometimes. I'll make a positive list too someday.
  1. Watching up close and personal as legislation that would improve the lives of millions of Americans dies before it's born
    Equal pay for women? Student loan reform? Increased minimum wage? Nah fuck it lets kill some seals for all the oils!!!!
  2. Having an office that is surrounded by glass walls and being gawked at by tourists
    Like a zoo animal. Performances on the :40s.
  3. Babysitting
    As a media relations professional, it is my duty to babysit grown adults on a daily basis. No one would agree to my suggestion that we call our office "The Babysitters Club."
  4. Ted Cruz and I work at the same place.
  5. The lack of a good quiet bathroom.
    This should require no explanation
  6. Interns
    They come from all over and they come to conquer Capitol Hill. I gravitate towards the ones who feel defeated on Day 1.
  7. People hate the government
    I have a friend who created an overly elaborate lie about working as a guy who sells office supply equipment to government offices so he didn't have to deal with the wrath that comes with working for a senator.
  8. Young people
    Kind of goes hand-in-hand with the interns part. But I'm 30 and I feel like a 65 year old in this place.