1. 1.) Do you have specials today?
    Answer: "No. We do not have specials."
  2. 2.) Is there a list of specials today?
    Answer: "(See number 1)"
  3. 3.) What vegetables do you have that are fresh today?
    Answer: "Carrots"
  4. 4.) What kind of soup do you have?
    In my head: "You're holding a menu"
  5. 5.) How much is your soup?
    In my head again: "YOU'RE HOLDING A MENU!"
  6. 6.) What vegetables are in your soup?
    Still in my head: "ARGHABARGLE MENU"
  7. 7.) And they're fresh vegetables?
    Answer: "Yes. Very fresh."
  8. BONUS: "I'll need more time to decide."
    She got the soup (pho).